An excavator driver will spend a vast amount of their working day making large surface areas flat, hence to ‘grade’.

This is currently achieved using a standard ditching bucket 1.8 meters wide, proving to be an extremely time consuming and skilled process to achieve the desired flat surface.

This way of working is very inefficient in many factors:

  • Skill – this jobs requires a skilled operator, there is a shortage of skilled operators in the industry, partly due to the lack of work that’s been available over the last 8 years.
  • Time – The current solution to the problem is immensely time consuming.
  • Fuel – The consumption of fuel is increased two fold, the time the machine in running and the effort the machine is making.
  • Safety – The current way of working, can at times involve a man on the ground within the area of a working machine, a risky place to be possibly resulting in accidents.

With the Grading Beam this process can achieved approximately 5 times faster than with the ditching bucket, thus lowering man hours, lowering waste material, and more importantly lowering fuel consumption, which in turn is lowering Co2 emissions.

It’s paramount that the industry continues to develop and progress, the demands are different today than yesterday and will be different again tomorrow, we have to move forward and encourage it to move forward.We all need to think about smarter more efficient ways of working.

We see the Grading Beam as the solution to many problems currently experienced within the industry.

  • Lack of time
  • Becoming more fuel efficient
  • Working safer & smarter
  • Working to the future