Front pin lock™

Front pin lock™ is a patented innovation which improves workers safety when using symmetrical quick couplers.

The invention prevents the risk of dropping the bucket, which is one of the largest safety problems on all construction sites where excavators are used.

Below is an animated film showing how Front pin lock™ works. The first part shows a traditional symmetrical quick coupler with negative indication and without Front pin lock™. You can see how a bucket can be dropped when the locking on the back pin fails. The second part shows the same sequence but with Front pin lock™ and how it prevents the bucket from being dropped.

Front pin lock consist of two separate innovations :

  • Automatic locking of the front pin – the front pin on the bucket is locked as soon as it reaches the correct position in the front jaw of the quick coupler.
  • Positive locking indication – two green pins indicates that the quick coupler is in it’s locked position..

Front pin lock™ is on all Steelwrist tiltrotators and quick couplers.
You’re investment is safe with Steelwrist!