On/Off Systems

We recommend our XControl system, there are cases when the need is different and other solutions required. We provide several alternative systems as outlined below.

Button controlled system
Button controlled systems are used relatively seldom today and perhaps mainly for excavators not used in production, where low cost is most important. In this case, a simple slope hydraulics is used to feed the tiltrotator and you select a function by pressing a button while controlling the speed with the foot pedal. Power-operated on/off valves on the tiltrotator control the functions. The foot pedal controls the oil flow to the tiltrotator but since all the functions are parallel, you can not control the speed individually. If you do not want or are able to use the pedal to your tiltotator, it becomes a pure “on/off” for each function, which can be perceived as jerky.

Steelwrist is available with this type of control we can supply joysticks with 5 or 7 buttons if the original joysticks do not have enough spare buttons.

Machine Prop System – primarily for mini excavators
Some excavator manufacturers have for some time equipped their machines with two spool valves. A Steelwrist can be equipped to work with this system,  there are some limitations that you should know about. Since all the hydraulics are controlled directly from the machine, it is up to the manufacturer’s hydraulic system how good it can adjust the tilt and rotation. You can not run more than two functions simultaneously, which means that you can not use, for example, the tilt while using the gripper or an extra function, which means you need to switch between them. This may seem annoying if you’re used to XControl or any other two-hose systems. This system is used mainly on mini excavators (for cost reasons) where the gripper is not as common as it is on the larger machines.