S70 Quick Coupler

Symmetrical quick coupler for excavators in the 18-33 ton range.

Steelwrist quick couplers are designed around three leading principles Robust, Compact and Safe. The Quick Coupler is a wedge type coupler following the Symmetrical Standard and is fully compliant with ISO13031 (Earth-moving machinery – Quick Couplers – Safety).


Thanks to the combination of casted components and truss structure design we have achieved a relatively low weight yet a very robust design. With the casted front hubs, which allows for oversized pin contact surfaces, we distribute the digging forces into the coupler structure like no other brand on the market.

The Steelwrist coupler is also the only coupler on the market that uses the shafts as part of the truss structure in order to take up side forces incurred when working with a tiltrotator.


With only 160mm of building height on the S70 quick coupler the difference between a direct fit tiltrotator and a sandwich construction tiltrotator is minimal. We recommend that for wheeled excavators from 14 tons and upward to use a coupler together with your tiltrotator.


The Symmetrical Coupler Standard is by itself a very safe system compared to some other of the European type couplers. By using a Symmetrical Coupler you will fulfill basic requirements like:

  • It is only possible to use bucket following the same standard. (With an S70 coupler you can only pick up a work tool that has a S70 adaptor. It is not possible to pick up a bucket that is not designed to fit your coupler)
  • Wedge type locking, whereby the angle of the locking wedge is in cooperation with friction which counteracts the tendency to disengage.
  • No digging forces into the locking cylinder even under reverse grading (grade away from driver)

On top of these features the Steelwrist Quick Couplers have continuous locking force, check valve and internal springs for safety back up reasons.

Technical data:

Machine weight [tons]18-2424-33
Shaft diameter [mm]60-8070-90
Building height [mm]175200
Weight [kg]240245
Width [mm]450450
Length [mm]600600
Lifting hook5 tons5 tons