Steelwrist X04 Tiltrotator

X04 is our smallest tiltrotator perfectly matched to any excavator between 2 and 4 tons. Mini excavators are sensitive to excessive weight and therefore the X04 is designed to combine strength with the lowest possible weight to make sure that the excavator can benefit from the added flexibility. Our unique tilting angle of ± 45° gives the machine operator unrivaled reach and precision.

Available Coupler Combinations

The X04 is always equipped with a hydraulic quick coupler in the lower part. We recommend to use the symmetrical quick coupler due to it’s robustness and low build height. S40 is the right size for X04. The top part can be directly attached to the excavator or attached with a S40 quick coupler for maximum flexibility.

Control System

To get the most out of the X04 we recommend that you use our XControl system which is the most versatile on the market.


Hydraulic Functions

The X04 can be equipped with one extra hydraulic outlet where you can connect hydraulic attachments such as grabs.

Automatic lubrication

As an option the X04 can be equipped with a central lubrication system from the factory which ensures proper lubrication over time without effort. The system is connected to the excavators centralized lubrication system through a quick coupler.






Technical data:

A) Width [mm]314
B) Length [mm]511
C) Building height [mm]317
Weight from [kg]115
Width with Gripper [mm]450
Length with Gripper [mm]693
Building height with Gripper [mm]317
Gripper opening reach [mm]425
Weight with Gripper from [kg]160
Recommended Excavator weight [tons]2 - 4
Configuration couplers [top/bottom]S40/S40
Max Tilt Angle± 45º
Flow Requirement [liter/min]20-40
Pressure [bar]180-210
Rotation speed [rpm]8
Rotation Torque [kNm]3,9
Tilting Force [kNm]10,6
Lubrication methodGrease