Wheel steering with XControl G2

– Maximum control at your fingertips

The advantages with XControl wheel steering for a wheeled excavator driver:
• Efficiency – Faster movements of the excavator with minimum effort
• Safety – Meets the safety requirements for all types of excavators
• Smoothness – Smooth control for maximum precision

Wheel steering with XControl Joysticks is the optimal solution with index finger rollers!

Any wheel steering needs to meet tough safety regulations. XControl meets all the relevant regulations, to learn more about the rules and regulations click here.


Technical data:

XControl G2 wheel steering XControl Joystick s 
Voltage8-36 VMaximum roller per joystick2
Temperature range-40°C till +60°CMaximum no of buttons7
CanBus externalCANOpenForward/neutral /reverse switchYes
Meets ISO5010YesMaximum current per switch3 A

XControl G2 is designed to meet ISO15998 and EN474 and meets the requirements of the directive for Machine design 2006/42EC. XControl wheel steering is a add-on to XControl G2 and is always tailored for the excavator, please contact Steelwrist for information about the currently supported excavators models.