XControl tiltrotator control system

Control system for modern tiltrotatorer

STEELWRIST XControl is the most user friendly system for tiltrotator control on the market. XControl uses a very advanced solution to control the hydraulic valves with a very high precision to ensure smoothness and controllability. All setting are made on a color touch screen with very intuitive menus.


When we designed our new control system our goal was to create a system which is significantly easier and safer to use, both for the excavator driver but also for the person installing the system in an excavator. Another main goal was to reduce the fuel consumption and give valuable information to the driver during operation. With XControl we feel that we have succeeded in creating a system which meets these goals. It is by far the easiest system to both use and install, it ensures minimum fuel consumption and the display is used to present valuable information in real time.



Clinometer – gives you the right angle

We are working hard to lead the tiltrotator development. With XControl we are the first to launch a system with a built-in Clinometer. It displays the rotation angle and tilting angle continuously to the driver. A unique tool to use, for example when grading.


Autotuning – for lowest fuel consumption

Based on our long experience we know that more than 50% of all excavators are consuming more fuel than necessary due to the tiltrotators control system. Sometimes as much as several liters per hour. To avoid this we designed the Autotuning function which is used by the system to automatically tune the system to achieve optimal settings of all hydraulic parameters. Over time this can lead to a substantial saving for the owner. If you also add the environmental aspect the saving is even larger.




Advanced joysticks – also for excavators

The XControl-joysticks looks like no other joysticks you have seen before in an excavator. Maybe excavator manufacturers do not focus on the design of the joysticks but any driver knows the importance of a good design. We chose to benchmark airplane joysticks, simulators and advanced game consoles. To this we added the functionality requested by the most advanced drivers. The result is a joystick with reduced risk of strain even after long working hours, all controls at your fingertips and the possibility to simultaneously operate all functions. The index finger rollers gives you the added possibility to control the wheels or tracks of your excavator.

Safety you can rely upon

To ensure the safety each roller in the XControl joystick has dual transducers which means the a component failure can never cause any unwanted movements. The safety requirements are becoming increasingly strict and more responsability is imposed on the driver . With XControl you can be rest assured that the system is safe to use and also easy to troubleshoot. XControl meets the updated Machine directive 2006/42EC.

Technical data:

Voltage8-36 V 
Temperature range– 40°C till +70°C
Encapsulation (TR module)IP67
External CanBusCANOpen
Rotation sensorYes
Tilt sensorYes, built-in
Wheel- track steeringOption

XControl G2 is design to meet ISO15998 and EN474 and the Machine directive 2006/42EC.