Steelwrist Quick Couplers

Compact, robust and safe symmetrical quick couplers

Steelwrist quick couplers are designed around three leading principles Robust, Compact and Safe. The Quick Coupler is a wedge type coupler following the Symmetrical Standard and is fully compliant with ISO13031 (Earth-moving machinery – Quick Couplers – Safety)


Confused about Quick Coupler Standards?

There are a lot of questions in the market about the new ISO standard for quick couplers. In the new standard different quick couplers will be grouped according to which type of coupler they belong to and in short there will be three types of approved types (form-locked, force-locked and wedge-locked).

Nevertheless in order to understand the difference one must first understand the fundamental difference between dedicated and universal couplers. Here is a short explanation related to different quick coupler types.  Follow link -> Dedicated vs Universal Quick Couplers Explained Oct2011

The Symmetrical Standard

The S-Standard (“Symmetrical Quick Couplers for Excavators”) is an industry open standard managed by the Swedish organisation Maskinleverantörerna. The latest update is from May 2010 and Steelwrist is one of the companies participating in the standardization work.

The standard can be downloaded here: Click here for English version.

The S-Standard defines dimensions, product intervals and how manufacturing play (ie how normal manufacturing tolerances are assimilated by the design). A well designed symmetrical coupler, lets say an S60,  that follows the standard can pick up any work tool that has the corresponding S60 top. At the same time it is impossible to pick up any other work tool. This is a basic safety feature of the Symmetrical standard which for instance the universal pin pick up couplers do not have.

Thanks to its very low building height, Symmetrical couplers can with advantage be used in a sandwich (coupler on coupler) construction together with the tiltrotator.

Main features with Steelwrist Symmertrical Quick Couplers
  • Can only pick up buckets following the same type within the standard which eliminates the risk of using a work tool that is is not intended for.
  • All digging forces are assimilated by the quick coupler frame. (Universal Pin Pickup couplers will in some cases assimilate digging forces by he locking cylinder)
  • If the driver executes command to lock the quick coupler it will lock the work tool to the coupler. (This is tricky to explain. We are not trying to safeguard against not trying to connect the work tool but rather we safeguard against the possibility to lock the coupler in a non safe way.)
Compact and Robust
  • Robust design thanks to a combination of casted components and truss structure design gives a better life cycle cost
  • Casted front hubs allowing for oversized pin contact surfaces and distribution of digging forces into the coupler structure
  • Pins are part of the truss structure to assimilate horisontal forces in use together with tiltrotator.
  • Compact and relatively light weight results in an improved digging geometry and less fuel consumption.